Fact is, not only is it the right thing to help your co-workers and employees with their mental health and disabilities, it’s also the best way of making sure they stay motivated and do the best work they can. Neglecting this actually causes severe economic loss for organizations all over the world! To help with that, Brett offers two different workplace seminars, including ‘Mental Health in a Management Setting,’ and ‘Mental Health on a Corporate Level.’ Each seminar targets very important levels within an organization that can have a major impact on people suffering with mental health and disability conditions.


IMPORTANT: All of the event topics below are very customizable. Whether it’s a banquet, conference, school/college, corporate event, seminar, training or other, we will work with you to ensure we achieve your goals. You choose from options below to create an awesome program tailored to your specific event. 

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‘Mental Health In a Management Setting’

This 2 hour seminar is directed at a management and human resources level.

The topics to be discussed are:

- How mental health effects the workplace:

~ Turnover

~ Absenteeism

~ Disability

~ Conflicts

~ Performance

~ Human Rights

~ Duty to accommodate

~ Grievances

- How to recognize mental health disturbances, and how to address them

- Providing a comfortable open door policy for employees

- Reducing fear and misconceptions tied to mental illness


‘Mental Health on a Corporate Level’

This 2 hour seminar is directed at a corporate level and is intended to build a strategy that can be woven, with full support, throughout your organization.

The topics to be discussed are:

- Supporting senior management in addressing mental health issues

- Building a strategy that includes education, training, changing processes and procedures, developing resources & measuring effectiveness

- Influences participants to support a positive workplace for those suffering with mental health concern

- Discusses signs that may indicate an employee has a mental health concern

- Addressing challenging behaviours...

... and an hour-long follow up brainstorm on creating a strategy for dealing with mental health concerns within the organization in specific.


People will often hide their problems, especially at a workplace setting, but these issues do not discriminate, and neither should you! Click HERE to book Brett for a workplace seminar, so that you can rest knowing your co-workers and employees are taken care of!