Interpersonal Seminars


‘Understanding Mental Illness’


These sessions focus on educating and helping groups understanding mental health and disability challenges, be that their own, or those of friends, family, co-workers, students, schoolmates, the list goes on. Brett brings a new outlook with a refreshing style when it comes to mental health and disability challenges.


The topics covered in these 4, 6 or 8 hours long sessions are:

- What are mental health & disabilities?

- Your mental health & disabilities

- Your loved one’s mental health & disabilities

- Mental health & disabilities in relationships

- Misconceptions of mental health

- How do we recognize & address mental health concerns?

- Managing barriers and disabilities

~ In the workplace

~ At school

~ Extra-curricular activities


Brett discusses these concepts in relation to life in general, workplace, entrepreneurship, relationships, school and overall physical and mental health. The topics are delivered in an entertaining and motivational way that opens up greater conversation and wider awareness about mental health which gives the opportunity to educate others. The more people there are talking about it, the more attention it gets and the more it gets taken out of the dark. It is totally possible for a person living with mental health challenges and disabilities to use their experiences to grow into the person they’ve always wanted to be! It depends on the right state of mind, and Brett has dedicated her life to helping people achieve that.


IMPORTANT: All of the event topics below are very customizable. Whether it’s a banquet, conference, school/college, corporate event, seminar, training or other, we will work with you to ensure we achieve your goals. You choose from options below to create an awesome program tailored to your specific event. 

Brett's presentations are guaranteed to engage your audience!


Here are her three most popular topics:


"The invisible woman unlocking the unique power of misunderstood people with mental health challenges and disabilities"

“They see me but they don’t really see me" - This topic is tailored to all audiences whether they are people who live with these challenges themselves, or it’s their loved ones, co-workers, bosses, and even people who don't have any personal or family experiences with mental health issues and disabilities. Brett focuses on general understanding, correcting misconceptions and teaching people how to talk about it and side-step the stigma. Turning disabilities into "abilities" and how we can embrace our challenges and use them to our advantage! She likes to do this in a fun and lighthearted way because people are less awkward and more inclined to be involved.


"The things we know but do not say - Love languages of mental health challenges and disabilities"

Understanding others with mental health challenges and disabilities.


"Is everyone here crazy? - Managing mental health in the workplace"

Each speech/seminar targets very important levels within an organization that can have a major impact on people suffering with mental health conditions as well as severe corporate/organizational economic loss.


Any and all groups, from all kinds of backgrounds can and will benefit from the knowledge and understanding of Brett, and be able to apply this in their own lives, both with themselves and with each other, vastly improving day-to-day life and interactions.


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