Brett has done hundreds of media interviews/appearances and has been featured across the globe.

Brett guarantees that you’re getting a great and captivating media personality that knows how to deliver a slick and easy appearance that creates compelling content your audience will enjoy, she’s won't discuss research and statistics. Diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome, severe ADHD, anxiety, OCD, panic disorder and chronic pain syndrome - Brett has had lifelong challenges with mental health, disabilities and the stigma. Yet, she's pushed on and came out stronger than ever, realizing that it’s possible for everyone to forge experiences like these into strength and personal power. It’s a philosophy. A state of mind. She's faced many challenges with anxiety, disabilities, relationships, life and businesses, and yet (or exactly because of it!) she came out on top as a strong business woman, the proud Owner, CEO and President of multiple companies. 

Brett is your go-to media source and a dependable guest who knows how to deliver the results you want. With her own personal challenges, Brett builds an instant connection with with viewers and hosts that is compelling and captivating, they will be exhilarated. Many media guests can come across as awkward, uncomfortable, boring and repetitive - This is not the case with Brett.



Brett has been featured in;

  • CTV
  • Global
  • News Talk
  • CBC
  • AMI TV
  • Apple News
  • Talk of the Town
  • Health Central
  • Psych Central
  • Bell Let's Talk
  • MHA


  • CMHA
  • NAMI
  • IMDb
  • Mad in America
  • Radio Book Club
  • Start Up Awards
  • YWCA Women of Distinction
  • Breaking The Barriers
  • Southwest TV Talk
  • Disrupt HR
  • Celebrating 150 Stories
  • More!

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