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Discovering Your Abilities


Do you feel constrained within imposed limitations? Unable to become who you need to be, who you were meant to be?


When you understand yourself, your mental health and disabilities, there is no limit to how far you can go. You can from stronger relationships, improve your career, and be a better, happier, stronger version of yourself. During private sessions, Brett will coach you through topics such as:

- Understanding yourself

- Communicating your abilities

- Seeking support and asking for help

- Educating others

- Transforming disabilities into abilities, creating opportunities from your challenges


You might have some questions. Let’s answer them!

Find The Right Mental Health

Resources and Info to Feel Better

What will Brett’s support get me?

Brett approaches her work with clients as a partnership, recognizing that every situation will be different, just as every person is different. She is completely dedicated to helping you realize that you are not broken and you don’t need to be fixed, because the obstacles you have faced throughout your life are what make you unique. She will walk you through the path so you can:

- Find the right tools to turn disabilities into abilities

- Identify your goals and set out a path to achieving them

- Grow into the person that you want to be.


Who can/will benefit from Brett’s support?

Brett’s services apply to dealing with mental health and disabilities in any form. People who can benefit from her support are those looking to:

- Improve their quality of life

- Find a stronger sense of purpose and direction

- Be authentic and honour who they really are

- Reduce stress and take control

- Balance priorities

- Improve relationships

- To discover and overcome obstacles.


These sessions take 45 minutes on a bi-weekly basis, with an initial 3 month commitment for initial support, after which monthly additions are available as needed. Brett’s primary communication outlets are phone and video calls, not only because they are very effective and efficient, but because it ensures you can be in a safe and comfortable space for the duration of the session, providing privacy and removing the cost of travel.


This is the thing you have been waiting for. Someone who cares and listens and understands.



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