How do I justify the cost of a professional speaker?


Organization, corporate and association audiences invest many thousands of dollars in their events, meetings and conventions. Meeting costs, food, travel, decor, hotel, trainers, coffee breaks and lost man-hours add up. So investing enough to get a speaker who you can absolutely count on hitting a home run for your opening or closing session is well worth the investment. (Imagine the opposite: a well-planned and expensive convention can be nearly ruined if you close with a weak speaker and a not-so-great keynote speech.)

Try comparing it to the memory of a restaurant visit. If you go to a restaurant and ONE food item was way above average, you fondly remember the great food at the entire meal. For example, if the salad was amazing… absolutely astounding… you will leave that meal with the impression that ALL of the food was excellent. Even if the rest of the meal was only average.

In this way, events and conventions are like restaurants. If the closing keynote motivational speaker rocked; and I mean ROCKED; your meeting attendees will leave that event or convention feeling great about themselves, their futures…. And great about that event and your organization. They will LOVE it if they love the speakers.

The opposite is true. To leave out the restaurant metaphor, if your keynote speaker stinks, the entire event will be perceived as lousy.

So investing in a keynote speaker who can deliver a professional, top-of-the-line motivational speech that is in line with your event’s goals insures that the general investment in the event will succeed. Yes… motivational speakers can ‘appear’ expensive…. But meeting planners and their audiences believe they are well worth the investment.


Brett guarantees to engage your audience and leave them with the best tasting ‘salad’ they’ve ever had!