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Did you know that 1 in 5 people struggle with mental health problems? In the US that translates to 44 million people! Worse still, 80% of those people are left with no or insufficient treatment, leading to 33% of disability claims and a yearly economic loss of nearly $200 billion, simply because people miss work due to mental health or stress. That doesn't sound so good, does it?


If we dig a little deeper, we find even worse numbers. Every single day 1 million people in the US miss work because of stress or mental health issues, eventually leading to depression, which, by the way, results in disability more often than chronic physical health conditions.


Looking at it realistically, people in general spend 50% of their waking hours at work, where the have to deal with stress and expectations, and then when they go home, they need to deal with all of their personal issues as well.


On the other hand, this is not a situation without a cure. Mental wellness programs are out there, and opting into one brings a whopping 600% return of investment. This translates to employers gaining $7 for every $1 they invest in their employees mental well-being.


Workplace wellness is what leads to a connected and supportive team culture, in turn leading to outstanding results. Every thriving and ethical business should care about organizational health, and this is where Brett comes in. She can (and does, repeatedly) work with various organizations, ranging from start-ups to established corporations.


She has the right knowledge, the resources, and the flexible services to help you manage mental well-being and mental health issues in your workplace. Knowing the correct action can be difficult, but she can make it easier. How? A few examples:

- Train your managers to recognize, confront and actively combat mental health issues,

- Help improve mental health awareness and reduce the stigma,

- Provide ways to help build a mentally healthy workplace culture,

- Help your employees that are often absent or on disability get healthy again, work faster and more effectively.


Going one step further, she can work with you to build, implement and evaluate strategies to prevent mental health issues in the future, tailored to your company and personalized to your employees. How does this work?

- Target key health risks (both mental and physical) and employee needs, for example through screening and health promotion programs,

- Improve presenteeism and employee engagement,

- Implement comprehensive wellness strategies to target specific, critical business needs.

- Establishing training of accommodation and human rights 


Investing in a wellness program will, then, leave you with a plethora of benefits, not only for you but also your employees and your entire business at large. Reducing workplace conflicts, increasing productivity, boosting morale, creating a safe environment where people feel good are only some of these. Last, but not least - it's easily affordable with a huge return of investment percentage.


Universities, Colleges, Schools


Brett’s expert knowledge can also help in educational institutions, offering many of the same benefits to students, allowing teachers to learn about the people they teach and for them to be able to recognize mental health issues in their classrooms, reduce stigma, build a mentally healthy and safe space, reduce missed days and improve students’ ability and willingness to learn.


Brett's wellness consulting is very flexible and easily customizable to your specific needs. Baseline she offers three consulting options, those being:

- Regular consulting,

- Project consulting,

- Consulting as-needed,

but it only takes a phone call and explaining your specific situation for her to adapt to it! Given the wide range of different scenarios present every single day in workplaces, it's easiest to call and have a chat for a quote on your personalized price for a safe workplace and happy coworkers!


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