Watch Brett in Breaking The Barriers

Brett continues to work with Shaw Cable and Access Communications on a TV series called "Breaking the Barriers!" A TV series to create more mental health and disability awareness and education. Brett is passionate about inspiring people to overcome these barriers and helping them realize that having a mental health barrier or disability makes them an exceptional individual, they are not broken!

"Breaking The Barriers" Season 2 premiers in 2018 and will be seen throughout the nation! Keep an eye out for it.

Breaking The Barriers Season 2 Promo

Breaking The Barriers Season 2 Promo 2

Season 1 is no longer available, unless on demand or repeat on your TV service provider as well as DVD. Use the order form below if you would like to purchase Season 1 DVD or pre-order a Season 2 DVD!



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Season 2 - Breaking The Barriers

Preview - Breaking the Barriers S02 E01, Mental Health Stigma and Misconceptions

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