Do you have Tourette's? Awesome! How about anxiety? Great! Depression? So what?! ADHD, OCD? Right on!


Brett Francis is a professional speaker and mental health advocate, with a TV and radio show. - Her radio show, Not Broken® Radio has 1.8M+ online listeners alone (Website, RSS feeds and podcast) and is heard on hundreds of stations throughout the globe! She’s also a best selling author and has a mental health clothing line, all aimed towards having open and honest discussion about mental health and disabilities and also to give confidence to those struggling.

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When she was 6 years old, she was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome and severe ADHD. At 17, she was also diagnosed with anxiety, OCD and panic disorder. She spent a large part of her life feeling broken, wondering what was wrong with her - depressed, as an outcast, even to the ones closest to her. In 2012 she was in two car accidents that left her unable to work for a year, and living with chronic pain ever since.

Yet, she's pushed on and came out stronger than ever, realizing that it’s possible for everyone to forge experiences like these into strength and personal power. This may be you, loved ones, friends or co-workers, since the solution doesn't need any particular talent. It’s a philosophy. A state of mind.

It can not only shape your life, but it will also help others in theirs. Her philosophy involves three simple approaches that have helped her and many others in overcoming mental health barriers, disabilities, anxiety and stress, difficulties in business, entrepreneurship, relationships, life and health! It helps you embrace your true self and feel empowered about it!

She's faced many challenges with anxiety, disabilities, life and businesses, and yet (or exactly because of it!) she came out on top as a strong business woman, the proud Owner, CEO and President of multiple companies. She's constantly learning and is passionate about expanding her knowledge.

She's an active member in the community and involves herself with many things such as working with disabled, volunteering as part of Telemiracle, annual fundraising events for Canadian Mental Health Association, Kinsmen and Kinette foundation and has been involved with many other volunteer or non-profit organizations in the last decade. She's also endorsed by mental health associations across the globe as a Mental Health Advocate, including but not limited to: Mental Health America and Canadian Mental Health Foundation, and am Mental Health First Aid Certified.

She started her first company when she was 22 years old. How? She practices her simple philosophy to overcome numerous barriers every single day.

What will Brett's book do for you?

Having a mental health challenge or disability does not mean that you are broken. With this book, you will learn to love yourself and feel confident just by being you, getting past the stigma! You will also find the right tools to transform those challenges into strengths! You're not alone.

This book is the key to unlocking your full potential. If you have a loved one that is struggling, it is the key to understanding, supporting and having the best possible relationship with that person.

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Not Broken® Radio is an international radio show and podcast that was initiated by Brett to have open and honest discussion about mental health and disabilities. Not Broken® Radio has 1.8M+ online listeners alone (Website, RSS feeds and podcast) and is heard on hundreds of stations throughout the globe!

"We want to not only stop the stigma but also instil a sense of pride in those struggling, as we believe that individuals should embrace themselves with their challenges, finding the right tools to learn to use them as a source of strength and personal power. Not Broken® Radio has already helped thousands in overcoming mental health barriers, disabilities, anxiety and stress, difficulties in business, entrepreneurship, relationships, life and health with its fluent discussion about mental health without worrying about the stigma, walking on eggshells, or political correctness."

Thousands of people have been inspired by Brett's message and continue to share it! "We are truly blessed to have our message heard so loudly!"

Are we broken? No, we are not!


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